Customer files, work files, accounting, source codes, images: the life of the company is stored in our computers. At the same time, the risks of data loss are not insignificant: hacking, viruses, data theft, hardware theft, damaged hard disk or simple manipulation error.

MEDACOM recommends prevention solutions with the installation of antivirus, firewall (network protection), traceability of actions, protection of Internet access, thoughtful management of access to the network.

We offer proactive supervision: analysis of indicators and alerts.

The security solutions of MEDACOM intervene on several levels:

<ul dir = "ltr"> <li> The workstation </ li> <li> The server </ li> <li> The network </ li> <li> The smartphone </ li> </ ul>

We also provide an advisory service and support in safety regulations, particularly in the context of GDPR or ISO 27001compliance.